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アメリカ領グアムにて、1996年に発足した「グアム ベテリナリー サプライ Guam Veterinary Supply」は動物用の医薬品、医療器具を取り扱う会社として、日本の獣医師の先生方に20年以上に渡りお引き立て頂いております。


The year was 1996, Guam Veterinary Supply has grown to become a full-line wholesale distributors of Veterinary supplies sold exclusively in Guam, U.S. Territory.  GVS is proud to represent the leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, surgery instruments & equipment accessories, vitamin supplement and other veterinary supplies.  Products are purchased in the store or shipped directly to our reputable clients.


You can count on Guam Veterinary Supply to provide unmatched level of service as yet we are so privileged to serve you.

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